In an interview with Expres, Richard Chlad (59) revealed that he had recently bought a new cottage in Tenerife. Recently, the rest of them and their young partner Anna-Mari fought to catch up with Glorchester 2022. Despite the fact that billions of us used cigarettes and cigars, some others, far healthier and more prosperous, pumped. We also asked him about his girlfriend, he and his daughter Veronika Knsk Rand at the age of two.

I smoked piznal Richard Chlad at the Glorchestra event in the crack of Lucerne. But for many he started quite late, at the age of ten. The bad habit lasted only two years. He admits that it was not easy to finish, cigarettes and cigars are still very much for him, but he spent a billion mainly on physics. The rest is a great young girlfriend she has to keep up with.

Chlad is a big lover of high music, and the Richsound recording studio. The Glorchester project therefore fascinated him, or it is very divergent, but it seemed to combine modern and high music. Rap is combined with laughter here, a truly unmarried fellow who a billion-dollar could not have come up with and drank from Tenerife also so that he would not miss the musical experience.

We bought a new cottage there, he smiled a billion. Now he is going to Croatia, the sailing season for him is slowly coming. And because he is still on the road, we wondered if there was a land he would never go to. And is.

Inclusive of all countries in Africa except the north. I have been calm down for the last few years and some of the extremes I don’t like, pipustil.

Richard Chlad with his partner in Lucerne

However, his relationship with the charming Anna-Mari is not extreme, he seems to be side by side as a satisfied recipient in mutual harmony. The daughter of the actress Veronika Knsk alias Blaena from the comedy The Sun, Hay Hay with a billion in two years and the relationship between the values ​​of both for good.

I can’t stand. If I’m happy, it’s Richard. That satisfaction is reciprocal, which is extremely important for a relationship, Anna-Marie and Richard added.