Billie eilish had her first guest experience this year at the MET Gala, a very traditional event where the red carpet is what attracts the most attention, everyone wants to know how celebrities are going to dress. In an interview with The Howard Stern Show, the singer of “Happier Than Ever”She told him what she thought of the experience and was very sincere. “It’s crazy. It’s famous people being famous people“, started.

Billie Eilish reflected, stating that the world of celebrities It is not as glamorous as it sounds.

You know what? The main thing that night made me think or feel that famous people are literally like no one“, He said.

Like anyone else, and it’s so weird. I was like, ‘wow, all these people are just someone who could be in class with you’, and you think that person is a little boring, or do you really like that person, or you get along with that person, and they are all, like, ashamed and unsure of what they’re doing and saying”, He blurted out.

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For the event, Billie Eilish wore a long pink dress, signed by the renowned designer Oscar de la Renta, in the best old Hollywood style. Despite the comments, she enjoyed the experience: “It was incredible. It was beautiful there”He added.