The popular American artist had looked for every possible way to verify that she did not plagiarize her biggest hit so far, but the judge in charge of the trial does not agree with her version or that of her team.

The popular American magazine Billboard has announced that Taylor Swift will have to go to trial to clarify the plagiarism lawsuit that he faces for “Shake It Off”, his biggest hit and lead single from his fifth studio album, “1989”

“Although there are some notable differences between the works, there are also significant similarities in the use of words and the sequence / structure,” said the judge in charge of the case.

The 2017 lawsuit claims that “Shake it off” infringed the copyright of “Playas Gon ‘Play,” a 2001 3LW song with the lines “beaches, they gonna play” and “haters, they gonna hate.”

The trial could expand the process as a jury will have to determine whether 3LW, the music group that has sued Taylor, is correct about its allegations.

If Taylor loses, he will have to pay royalties to the group for his greatest success.

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