January 7, 2023, 06:12 – Public News Service – OSN

A draft law will be introduced to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, regulating the connection of sellers of beer products in the Unified State Automated Information System and a ban on the sale of this product bypassing licensing. This statement was made by the deputy Sultan Khamzaev.

“Our main task is to make sure that beer is subject to a full alcohol excise tax, and the EGAIS system applies to products,” RIA Novosti quotes the text of his statement.

He noted that it is beer products that are purchased by citizens more often than other types of alcoholic beverages, but at the moment they are not affected by the regulation of the Unified State Automated Information System.

Existing legislation states that the sale of this product at retail takes place without licensing. Despite this fact, the seller must ensure that he is connected to the Unified State Automated Information System. Despite this fact, the system is able to take into account only wholesale transactions.

“What is the difference: stores will not be able to sell beer and beer drinks without a license, all beer will be taken into account, which will significantly reduce the share of counterfeit goods, the tax will be not only for the manufacturer, but through the entire system: from the manufacturer to the store,” the politician noted.

He drew attention to the fact that thanks to these measures, it will be easier to monitor the work of the market, and fakes, the number of which exceeds a quarter of the total volume of goods, will disappear from the windows.

Recall that dietitian and candidate of medical sciences Elena Solomatina told what alcoholic the drinks least harmful to the figure.

Elena Solomatina explained that the calorie content of an alcoholic drink depends on its strength and ethyl alcohol content. So, according to a specialist, one gram of ethyl alcohol contains seven kilocalories. It exceeds the content of kilocalories in the same amount of sugar.

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