Spanish streamers, gamers and Youtubers Bijin and AuronPlay have suffered serious accusations of harassment, bullying and even Nazism, also supported by an alleged attack that one of the two would have made to a woman, making fun of the disappearance of her son.

Last weekend he has been involved in a huge controversy that directly affects the popular Spanish Youtuber AuronPlay, who together with his girlfriend Biyín, have had to go out to defend themselves against the harsh critics that they have received.

It all started with an interview that the youtuber AXEL BLAZE16 did to the mother of Yeremi Vargas, that child disappeared in Canary Islands 15 years ago and that caused a stir in the Spanish public.

Ithaisa Suarez, mother of the missing child, targeted Sara Biyín directly for harassing her (along with her friends) for weeks, while the disappearance was a fact of the year 2013.

After the wave of criticism, Biyín has come out to answer these accusations, and has also done so together with AuronPlay, who have affirmed that it was all about a “misunderstood”

«It is a lady who accuses me of some things that, I don’t know, one of two things: either she is making a mistake or someone is paying her. There comes a point that I don’t even know what to believe anymore. I want to think that this person is getting confused. I am many things in this life but asshole and dumb, no.

«I know what I have done in my life, I have proof and that is why I am absolutely calm. But, of course, when public persons are accused… the normal thing that anyone would do is go to denounce it, “said the streamer.

AuronPlay also raised his voice to defend his girlfriend, stating that it was a misunderstanding in 2013 via social networks, which would initiate this accusation by the mother of yeremi vargas to Bijin.

«They have put me on the plate in a very free way. But what the hell am I going to harass this lady or any other? Are we completely crazy? »AuronPlay began after showing full support for Bijín. «You have spoken very well and you have said things as they are. You know how this is going, tomorrow they will cancel Ibai, another day after another… », he continued.

Meanwhile, the criticisms against AuronPlay have left a great debate on social networks, since the youtuber it is widely popular among the Hispanic public.

And you, what do you think about the statements of AuronPlay and Bijín?