Slovak President Zuzana Aputov met with the first American lady Jill Biden to see her abroad. (May 9, 2022)
| photo: Reuters

As a still active teacher interested in the fate of Ukrainian children, families and families who had to leave their country, she also appreciated the unkind help of our people, volunteers, charities and families to help alleviate their suffering, she said after a meeting with Biden.

She added that they talked about the influence of social copper on the atmosphere in society and the importance of the issue of mental health.

In recent days, in connection with the refugee crisis caused by the wolf in Ukraine, Bidenov traveled to Romania and unexpectedly to Ukraine itself, where she met with Elena Zelenaska, the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski.

Bidenov drank to Slovakia on Saturday. Over the weekend at the entrance to Slovakia, she drew among Ukrainian refugees and volunteers, rescued and gave workers who help.

she said she considered it necessary to support the people of Ukraine who experienced brutality. On Sunday after the nvtv Slovak-Ukrainian border, Bidenov left for the Ukrainian city of Uhorod, where she met Zelenska.

The American first lady came out thanks to the Slovaks for the help of refugees from Ukraine. She also praised Romania, where she arrived before Slovakia.