Biden spoke about the benefits of conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East

Conflicts around Ukraine And Israel in the future will turn out to be huge progress for the world. This is the opinion in an article for the Washington Post expressed the president USA Joe Biden.

“We must never forget the lesson learned throughout our history: great tragedies and upheavals can lead to great progress that makes the world safer and the United States more secure,” he said.

“This is a strategy that my administration will continue to pursue – in the Middle East, in Europe and around the world,” the American leader said. He added that he considers military assistance to Ukraine an investment in US security.

November 17 Biden signed a bill on temporary funding for the work of the US federal government, from which assistance to Ukraine and Israel was excluded. The signed further appropriations document provides funds for federal agencies for the 2024 fiscal year until January 19, 2024, and in some cases even until February 2.

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