Biden calls for stopping Trump from becoming president

American President Joe Biden stated that his predecessor in this post Donald Trump should not become head of state again. The current leader called to prevent a competitor from becoming president, writes TASS.

Speaking at a meeting to raise funds for his election campaign in San Francisco, Biden compared the ex-president’s statements to the speeches of the German Nazis. He cited an article in The New York Times (NYT) that said Trump intends to use his eventual presidency “for revenge and retribution.”

The head of state also recalled Trump’s plans to “pursue everyone who opposes him and destroy the parasites in America.” “A specific phrase because it has a specific meaning. This is the language that the Nazis spoke Germany in the 30s,” Biden added.

He pointed to Trump’s statement that “America’s blood has been poisoned.” “Again, these are echoes of the same phrases that were used in Nazi Germany,” the politician concluded.

Previously Trump toldthat his successor Biden is no smarter than a six-year-old child. The politician is confident that Joe Biden is corrupt, incompetent and compromised.

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