Biden called Xi Jinping’s rule an example of restoring US leadership in the world

The president USA Joe Biden called the power of the chairman China Xi Jinping an example of the restoration of American leadership in the world against the backdrop of China’s internal problems. His quotes CNN TV channel.

“Chairman Xi is another example of how American leadership in the world is being restored,” the White House occupant said, adding that China has “real problems.”

As CNN points out, Biden could be referring to problems in the Chinese economy, in particular rising unemployment among the young population and the crisis in the real estate market.

Previously published by Politico reportedthat Joe Biden intends to have “tough conversations” with Xi Jinping on key issues in bilateral relations, including ties Beijing With Tehran and his role in the conflict on Ukraine.

Biden and Xi Jinping will hold talks on November 15 in San Francisco on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit (APEC).

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