He can’t go on a trip. Tm will support for the long run. I’ll hang around. I’ll drink them, and enjoy it, because it’s not just important to make it happen to you, but so that you can enjoy it, l nine-year-old lesingr, a three-time medalist from the world championships, for iDNES.cz

If you went on a trip, didn’t you think about it?
Pro m bhn not like that again. Someone that I don’t have, but I’d rather run somewhere in the woods on a soft spot than on asphalt. I’m a power type, my hard surface always knocks terribly and then everything was mine. That’s why it’s time for the fighters to watch the pace of the five hundred meters during the marathon.

And sometime in the future?
Probably not. The moment a hunter is a professional athlete in a branch, he has built-in compassion and predation. I know it from biathlon, so I couldn’t release anything in it, even though my coach and I told you, and I’m going with a reserve. But I would go into a marathon knowing I didn’t have one, and I don’t want that. Plus, I’m not in that shape today.

Coincidentally, look in shape. Are you staying?
First and foremost, sports mm sides small. It’s a bit of a contrast. As I was overwhelmed by the sport, so I can go for it and I didn’t get under such pressure that I miss me.

After all these years of dina and thorns, is it going to come to him?
Yippee. How many times will you kick me and my wife so that I can at least run a mole (smch).

What did bh in biathlon preparations mean for vs? Was it necessary evil or vs entertained?
We used it for thornbing, but also for regeneration, when we just trotted you after the nronm block. It also sounded pretty bad about what we were fighting. But in general I had him. Of course, to run 42 kilometers, I’m not a somatotype.

How much did you miss the most?
About a dozen tyi or a dozen pt kilometers.

Louc biathlete Michal lesingr

That would only have seven left.
Of course, he didn’t add it the way it was (smch). It was after the post-season leave, I was motivated and I thought I was going to do business. Originally, I wanted to bet about fifteen kilometers, so I only took water and a lot of water. But I was fine, so I figured I was going to move. It was just a mistake and I drove the keemi for the last mile. That’s how I got punished as a young fool.

Last year, you said that we would not miss the leaks, but that this will change in the future. So how do you do it now?
Under the same. Rd, I’ll take a look at it, yes. As long as I’ve been driving, I’ll remember those feelings – like when I see that roof in Kontiolahti – and that’s it.

How much time did you spend this year?
I poured something, but unlike when the hunter seduces, maybe I don’t even have to change it. It’s a fraction, a hundred miles.

And what about stelba?
I don’t have my weapon because I had it from the union. All I have left is Paba. Let me know if I don’t care. The last time I shot last year was when I went to a training camp.

And was steleck um under ve vs?
I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but the kind of thing is the physical side. The departure and on the day when I should go around and go to the meeting, it would be noticeably weak.

The biathlon’s darkness had undergone a number of changes before the start of preparations. The biggest ones are Michael Mlek and Matt Emmons. What about who?
Matt has a wealth of experience and I think he helped the American darkness he worked with with the shooting. It is such an impulse and in that what he did at Amerian, he will also pay.

And Milk?
This is due to the fact that he went through a lot with the junior group, which is now joining adults. There are Mikul Karlk, Jon Mareek.

Are you in the role of technical coordinator?
Yeah yeah, it’s a long time.

How is the actual view of biathlon from the other side – then the city is tempting to take care of the rest?
Nron. As a seductress, I had no idea what to do. Dm pklad. I am a very savvy hunter, I do not need a consumer lifestyle and buy shit. Even though my wife and I went on vacation, we bought some cheap tickets, then we batkaili Take when I got this job and started arguing with hotels about invoicing, that was nothing.

I was suddenly moving in the side of big bands, it was also so conscious for me: You were beating this, but you didn’t know how it was working. You also don’t see the service stations coming in and going to the stadium. The seducer will then evaluate the chore after the seduction, but I can’t see it.

esk biathlete Michal lesingr in a cli sprint in Oberhof.

Do you have time to work with your family, how have you been?
For a family of time in mm, a lot of work can be done from home, I also dream almost non-stop. That’s a big change. Sometimes it’s like you’re hunting and snorting. That’s why I went to Lenzerheide, where I helped with the IBU Cup. It was great, the hunter changed his mind for a while, inhaled what was ever needed.

And do you think otherwise?
Obas with a paddle. I jumped in something, then last year on a flight with friends in Italy. I also spent a little time getting a pilot’s order and going to patch it. It’s great: to fly it a bit, take the plane, fly through, then clean it up, drill it into the hanger, I’m also back in a while. And, of course, the plane binds him as a means of transport.