At the time it was launched, it used to be a dream of every Czechoslovak idiot. There were no queues, quotes, and better equipment or dreamy color were only for the elderly. The Favorit code of its time paid for the predominance of declining cars, and many people still can’t afford it. Its (poor) quality can be assessed by Andrea Bezdkov (28) and Tom Zstra (42). Behind the wheel of the new feces of 1992, they are heading to Tampere, Finland, for the World Hockey Championships as part of the event.

This year, the Mlad√° Boleslav carmaker is celebrating its thirtieth year as the official main sponsor of the World Ice Hockey Championship. In 1992, as the historically first characters code presented by the Favorit model in the service of the world ampion.

The first one will become the protagonist of a commemorative road trip and a favorite who will lead from Prague to this year’s January Ice Hockey World Championships in the Finnish city of Tampere. Famous influences, a model, will be behind his wheel Andrea Bezdkov the moderator Tom Zstra.

Andrea Bezdkov will set out on an adventurous trip to the Finnish championship. He will meet Tom Zstra in Zen.

I’ve never driven so far that old. It will be a new experience for me. The one I ride is a slot machine, so I’ll get used to the manual for a while, but I don’t have a problem with that, said Express Andrea, who was not even sure about the size of the luggage compartment.

Compared to the current codecs, it was not very big, but even with that, the model quickly managed.We have rear seats, she smiled at Tom, who stood back.

Andrea Bezdkov will embark on an adventurous journey to the championship in Finland. She will meet Tom Zstra in the Zen koda Favorit.

Andrea Bezdkov will embark on an adventurous journey to the championship in Finland. She will meet Tom Zstra in the Zen koda Favorit.

In total, they are waiting for two thousand kilometers and on the very first day they have to cover a stage that is six hundred kilometers long. There will be a total of three days on the road. They will return from the World Hockey Championships by other means of transport. After the return, he gave Bezdkov√° a fairly pleasant test room. Well, it paid off that her family is loyal to the traditional Czech brand.

I used the code cars to go to the official collaboration before I started, as they were owned by my family. I like the SUV style, so I drive the Kamiq model and I can’t do the latest Enyaq Coup RS iV model, Influenza was born, who thought she was a very good idiot.

We will keep you informed about how their trip from Prague to Tampere will go. You can look at interesting bedding, cheerful stories and moments when the blood in the ilch will solidify.

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