Leo Bernek caused a crack before Vnoci. On Instagram, he suddenly started posting photos directly from women, where he has been punishing his esteem for his health and grief.

As Expres was the first to report, Leo recorded a new record in the crime scene. The bribe was issued by his friend Otto Ferocity, a rapper of Canadian origin who arranged the entire project. Bernek ended up in the day, he spent the whole world and New Year’s Eve, and the rising rage began to investigate how he made a video for Memi, and especially how to get in through the well-known recording technique.

No rush. After more than a year, the express reconnected with Leo’s Park to find out how things were going.

Leo u nen in isolation. Pedtm received an MS in the day due to the video, but otherwise he will not be punished. It is done. The Bengos won’t do anything because they didn’t find the thing he recorded the video and the whole album for, ekl nm Otto Ferocity.

Leo Bernek had a tattoo tattooed in the crime scene and shot a new clip.

According to him, Bernek, after being transported to the new model, is wearing a new frame.

I really did. They took him to Horny Slavkov and he liked him a lot more than in Pankrec. he told me that it was full of bombs, that he loved it there and that it was the best woman he was in. And most importantly, they behave with respect there, The rapper at Pankrec told Leo, who said it.

Leo Bernek made a lot of friends among his fellow prisoners.

What he likes most about Slavkov is the kitchen, often the biggest magician.

to me: Dude, the food is top here! Dobe, not full top, but it is much better not on Pankrec. I got a duck here, I didn’t have a party here long, described by Otto Ferocity.

But the collaboration of two controversial rappers is far from over with the bass album. They are very full, they even want to make a documentary about Bernek.

We will put on a new collection dressed, let’s launch it sometime in June or July. And especially as soon as he lets him go, let’s do a show. We will make a documentary about Leo and his first freelancer. We’ll start it the moment we pick him up before the riot, to.