The lustration will take place in two days, so that the Czech side receives information on whether or not the hunter has a Hungarian passport, Rakuan said. I warned that in that case we will also offer those who have a Hungarian passport, take trains to the country of Hungary, he added.

According to Rakuan, one of the faster and more efficient processes between the director of the Hungarian Foreign Police and the Czech Police President Martin Vondrek should take place soon.

People who drank to the Czech Republic with a refugee wave, but have passports to other countries of the European Union, most often Hungarian, according to Minister Rakuan in the Czech Republic will not reach the humanitarian court for Ukrainian refugees, but the state cannot force them to return to Hungary. Rakuan said in two that many of the Roma refugees from Ukraine have dual citizenship.

The Minister of the Interior stated on several occasions that Roma refugees from Ukraine often have two citizenship and, as a citizen of Hungary, they do not have the help of the Czech Republic. He pointed out to Pintra that some people were waiting, for example, at the crack main station.

According to the original full, the first refugees from Ukraine were supposed to move to the statute of the town, its construction in Prague-Troja was completed on Thursday evening. Finally grow and on the weekend, the tents you have to go to equip. Mayor Zdenk Hib informed about it on Thursday evening.

The tents are supposed to relieve the five main mains, where, according to civic initiatives, hundreds of banks, of Roma origin, live in unworthy conditions.

According to Geti Mubeenov from the Refugee Aid Organization, which does not work, this will not solve the situation. 150 lek nm in dnm ppad neulev, ekla.

Rakuan considers it a must in the city to accommodate especially mothers with children. With Prague inside, he provided a temporary hostel in a stone house to increase capacity. But in many cases, the people automatically return to the mainland on their own, because there are people close to them in some community, the deputy prime minister noted.

Humanitarian crisis on the main railway in Prague. There are hundreds of refugees

According to him, there is no simple one, but it is possible to use instruments to prevent people who do not have help in the Czech Republic from coming to the country. He appointed a diplomatic unanimous, fast-track double citizenship, a stamp check in the border on the Ukrainian border or a tight humanitarian court.

As for the first humanitarian courts after the accession to the R, internally, together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, they are creating a system on the basis of which the two of the people accommodated in mass-type facilities could be replaced by the fact that food and all security will be provided. The species and gave ups according to Rakuana will be raised only for a clearly proven stay in R.