Despite the fact that just a few months ago the luxurious wedding between Ben affleck Y Jennifer Lopeza video recently came to light that shows that the actor’s addictions, which would be causing him serious problems with JLo.

although recently Jennifer Lopez He shared some photographs where the change that his life gave after his wedding with Benand although it showed that everything was rosy, a video that came out recently shows that the couple has many problems in their marriage.

Well, it seems that the addictions of Ben Affleck They have started to be a big problem in their relationship, who is now very aware of him so that he does not relapse into the alcohol.

It is known that the actor has been in these addictions since 1997, and it has been possible to show how he has had several relapses, which have put him between life and death on several occasions.

All this is known thanks to a video published on social networks, which is having a lot of controversy, as the couple decided to attend the premiere of the recent JLo movie on January 18, “Shotgun Wedding» and later, at the celebration, the couple seems to have had a problem.

In the video you can see how the couple is talking, but a moment later you can see how Jennifer Lopez take a bit of what Ben Affleck was drinking, to verify that it was not an alcoholic beverage.

It seems that the actor did not take his wife’s actions well and responded in a slightly annoying way.

In the shared video, the TikToker says that the actor’s words were:

I haven’t taken anything, okay?

So far neither of them has come out to talk about the topic that is becoming a trend in the networks, where it seems that their pink world would be turning a bit dark.


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