Ben Affleck He has recently shown with his actions the unhappiness that being in a relationship again has caused him, with whom he is now his wife, Jennifer Lopez.

Everything seems to indicate that the marriage between the bronx diva and the actor would be going through a bad time again, just as it happened 20 years ago, when the couple that was about to arrive at the altar, suddenly separated.

What began as a new love opportunity for the couple, and which ended up being the most notorious marriage of the year in Las Vegasit could be the end of the story again due to the attitudes of the actor in 50 years and the singer

In a video that circulates on all social networks, it shows how Ben Affleck he is upset by his wife’s behavior, and in the same way, Jennifer Lopez she is in displeasure with her husband’s prohibitions, so it could be said that there is a difficult relationship between the two.

The couple who were at a public event were caught at the exact moment while they were arguing. In the video you can see that the actor makes some claims to her wife about drinking alcohol, for which she chooses to obey her husband, but takes an attitude of dislike towards affleck.

It seems that the personalities of the couple have not been able to fully match, since the attitudes of the two can easily upset the other, even regardless of where the indifference occurs, or if the paparazzi are capturing them.

If the disputes between the couple continue, they could live a separation again and show that unfortunately they are not destined to be together as they have tried to show.