American actor, director, producer and screenwriter Ben Affleck has once again endangered his marriage with the renowned American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, Since it has been confirmed that the actor has broken a promise that both had made and he has not been able to fulfill.

the marriage of Ben Affleck Y Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly one of the most popular romances in hollywood, and it is that the couple met again after more than 18 years after having separated.

The public eye since then has set its sights on this union, which despite the fact that they have been quite happy, have also had various problems and differences.

However, the actor has broken a promise he had made with “The Bronx Diva” and it is that unfortunately the artist has been seen smoking again, something that the interpreter of ‘On The Floor’ hate forcefully.

After several weeks of Ben Affleck giving up these bad habits, the winner of two Oscar awards was seen smoking in a parking lot in California, after spending an afternoon of Christmas shopping with Jlo.

With this action, Ben has broken the promise he made to his wife, to leave this forbidden vice within their relationship, and which puts his marriage with the talented star at risk.

According to what was announced by several sources close to the couple, the singer of Puerto Rican origin asked her now husband to stop this prohibited vice, but it seems that affleck has ignored the promise he made to Jennifer Lopez.

“Ben He has given up many of his vices over the years, but he just can’t get rid of cigarettes,” a source shared with the International media.

The truth of the matter is that it is well known that jlo he hates the smell of cigarettes with all his strength, so he is not pleased under any circumstances that the renowned actor is breaking the promise he had made to him at the beginning. And surely, it was one of the agreements they made before getting married.