The renowned 2023 Grammys event has left moments worth remembering, such as having seen Taylor Swift dancing to the songs of Bad Bunny, as well as other not very good ones and one of those was the attitude of Ben Affleck throughout the event, it seems that the actor did not have a good attitude during the event in the company of Jennifer Lopez, who proved completely the opposite.

the gestures of Ben Affleck They were evidenced by the cameras and the videos have quickly become a trend on social networks and the criticism has not stopped coming, since the actor is seen with a very serious face and without encouragement throughout the event, which is why Internet users are they ask if JLo did would have forced to go.

The cameras on several occasions focused on the couple and in the vast majority of videos you can see Jennifer Lopez dancing, while, on the other hand, it was possible to appreciate Ben Affleck a little “lost”, showing in his gestures that he was not completely comfortable at the award ceremony.

The mocking comments did not wait, as the images have generated laughter from Internet users, who have commented:

I am Ben Affleck when forced to go somewhere.

Ben looks like he’d rather be at Dunkin Donuts right now.

Do you think that JLo would have forced her husband to be present at the award ceremony?