The popular singer known as Belindawho is known was the girlfriend of Christian Nodal, she has made serious mistakes that could even land her in jail.

The singer of the song “Selfish” Belinda, he has remained in the mouth of national and international media for his performances; mainly because of the events that occurred during and after her relationship with the singer Christian Nodalbecause it is known that after the marriage proposal that the artist made to her and which she did not fully accept, she did not return the engagement ring that would have cost a few million pesos.

However this time the too actress it wouldn’t be news Christian Nodalbut for having serious legal problems related to the justice of Mexico.

It is known that the singer could be in risk of going to jail after learning that he has in his possession animals considered endangered, which is totally prohibited from keeping them in captivity.

Before being accused this time, Belinda would have already been in an investigation because it was said that she had in her possession a Spider monkeyHowever, the investigation had no effect, since no evidence was found.

However, inside his home located in the city of Mexico, authorities found an exotic species in danger of extinction known as the White Cockatoowhich the artist kept in her house without having permission or documents to be able to possess the animal, for this reason several media consider that Belinda could be have as punishment until 9 years in jail or else pay a fine of more than 8 million pesos. We hope that the worst does not happen, fans consider that the artist should meditate more with her actions.