After the controversial trial between Amber Heard and her ex-husband, the renowned actor Johnny DeppDC fans have not been happy at all with the decisions that the studio in charge of animating the successful superhero franchises has made regarding the role of the actress accused of slandering and violating Johnny Depp.

Recently, the renowned news website Daily Mailhas revealed that Amber Heard may have been rewarded with a multi-million dollar contract from Hollywood to reprise her role as Mera, in the sequel to ‘Aquaman‘ in the movie ‘Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom’. This would be his first role in a movie after the infamous trial he suffered for mistreatment and abuse of actor Johnny Depp.

Without a doubt, this has left perplexed to all the fans of the actor, since they would be very sure that Amber would not play any Warner Bros character again, but it has been the opposite, presumably the actress would have received help from several very important figures influential in the world of cinema in Hollywood.

On the other hand, Internet users have shown their discontent with this decision through social networks, where they have criticized strongly to the study in charge of visualizing DC Comicsfor accepting this decision to include the abusive actress again in a film.