According to the agreement, Belarus should pay $ 128 per thousand cubic meters of gas, ie about three thousand crowns. This is a quarter and a half the price against those who, under a long-term contract, paid gas companies from other countries. For Belarus, this price is fixed, while hundred companies buy gas according to the price of oil. But no one has such a suitable price as Belarus.

Strong ruble

The ruble on Monday at the dollar rose to its highest value in the dark of seven years. It is mainly supported by the end of the month when companies will pay taxes.

The growth of the ruble is known to the extent only, because its development is influenced by the actions of the Russian central bank and especially administrative interventions. The exchange rate rose to 55.44 rubles per dollar, which was the highest value since July 2015.

But Minsk fell into the trap he had set himself, according to the Belarusian letter. For political reasons, the regime has long demanded that it be allowed to pay for energy in rubles, and after the wolf arrest in Ukraine, Minsk decided. Not only Belarus has to pay in rubles, Moscow has demanded this from companies in the European Union. Russia introduced measures, thanks to which the exchange rate of the ruble increased in both the dollar and the euro and the Belarusian ruble.

Exchange rate in 56 Russian rubles for one dollar. The thorn exchange rate would be between 80 and 120 rubles per dollar. Belarus would have stood at the rate of 75 and 80 rubles per dollar, as it did before the 24th standards, when Russia turned on Ukraine.

Minsk does not make payments at the current exchange rate. Pay one installment – and all the others will have to do according to the first three, because such is the policy of Gazprom, a hard source familiar with the situation.

Now Belarus would have to spend much more on the dollar and the ruble, not two expected. Therefore, Minsk does not pay and then blooms, and the ruble weakens, or whether it will not be able to change the formula for the price, pe Naa Niva.

The ruble strengthens like flax. So we don’t push it. The case is unexpected, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told television cameras at a meeting with Vladimir Putin, when on May 23 he went on a walk to the national board. While the contract was coming, an informed source said about the situation.

Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Nazarau told TASS two that we have the first half of the year to develop a mechanism for setting prices (for gas) within the federal bite.

In the past, it has happened between Belarus and Gazprom that they have not been able to agree on gas prices. But in the end, there was always a pleasant welcome, adds Naa Niva.