Nikolai Baskov did not tolerate Ksenia Sobchak’s attacks on his stage colleagues.

It began with the fact that Sobchak criticized the work of SHAMAN for the hit “I am Russian.” Ksenia called the artist’s patriotic song “built on universal resentment.” SHAMAN answered that “I’m RUSSIAN” is not a song, but a state of mind! “I wanted to give people a gift and I wrote this song,” said the artist. And people supported him, the song has already gained 5 million views.

Then Sobchak for some reason drove through folk artists. So she called the singing of Oleg Gazmanov and Alexander Marshall “mournful.” Nikolai Baskov did not tolerate these statements and burst into biting verse, standing up for his colleagues.

“How long will we endure this nag?

The one that stifles folk songs?

Vile crawling something Sobchache

Through the cultural body of the motherland…

Shit on the people’s artist,

Who has long been both classic and retro,

Only one who is creative can

Pissing or spitting against the wind … “- Baskov wrote.

Ksenia Sobchak also did not get into her pocket for a word.

“What can I say about the poetic debut of Nikolai Baskov? The rhyme “nag – dog” is fresh. There were no House 2 and thanks for that. I expect from him the development of talent in this direction and new poems with some intricate rhyme like “Lovelace fag” – pricked Baskov Sobchak. .