Vojtch Hrubanz Nymburk laughs until he plays Dalibor Fait and lutm
| photo: Ondej Biit, MAFRA

In the finals of NBL Nymburk will challenge either Opava or Brno, piem Slezan lead 3: 1 on the pass and the sri can finish in ter.

For the steck club, advancing to the semifinals was the biggest rush and practically no match against the star team. The seventeen-time Czech champion won the test today. After five minutes, he led her 14: 0. The northern favorite of the second team in the second team dreamed, but after a half-time, Nymburk clearly dominated again.

It ended as we wanted and we should prepare for the finale, said Czech television Vojtch Hruban, with 22 points the best day. It looks like it will be Opava, it’s going to take place, but Brno will be biting, presumed.

Semifinal play off basketball league mu

Step 4:

st nad Labem – Nymburk 64: 102 (11:27, 37:49, 50:76)
Highest point:
Autrey, Joseph and Spencer after 11 – Hruban 22, Routt 16, Harding 15. Horse condition: 0: 4.