The Basketball Federation of Ukraine condemned the participation of Prometheus in the Eurocup, since this competition is not under the auspices of the International Basketball Federation

Prometheus was recommended to abandon the Eurocup

Prometheus was recommended to abandon the Eurocup / Photo: FBU

President of the Basketball Federation of Ukraine Mikhail Brodsky reacted in an open letter to the decision of Prometheus to apply for participation in the tournament EuroCupwhich is not a FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) competition.

“The Basketball Federation of Ukraine supports the desire of SC Prometheus to take part in European club basketball competitions, in particular in the FIBA ​​Champions League, Latvian-Estonian leaguethus representing Ukraine in the international arena.

At the same time, another issue causes excitement – the participation of the Sloboda club in EuroCup has already been officially confirmed by the league. We are talking not only about the participation itself, but also about the fact that the management of SC Prometheus made agreements on participation in a competition that is not a FIBA ​​competition and participation in which is not agreed with the FBU.

First, the EuroCup is not a FIBA ​​competition. Accordingly, there are certain issues, in particular, the competition calendar, which is not integrated into the FIBA ​​competition calendar. Therefore, there is a risk of further issues of participation of SC Prometheus players in the national team of Ukraine and other issues, which will in no way contribute to the interests of the national team and Ukraine as a whole.

Secondly, no less important. Since the beginning of the war, FIBA ​​has been in full solidarity with Ukraine and supports it in every possible way. So, after the appeals of the FIBA ​​FBU, decisions were made, in particular on the removal of Russian and Belarusian teams, referees from international basketball; exemption of FBU/Ukraine from payment of relevant fees for the participation of all national teams of Ukraine in FIBA ​​competitions, incl. in 3×3 basketball in 2022 (and this is a lot of money) and so on. That is, FIBA ​​always goes to meet us, and the leading Ukrainian club at this time goes beyond the limits of the FIBA ​​competition system.

Given the above, the Basketball Federation of Ukraine does not approve of the participation of SC Prometheus in EuroCup, and considers the actions of the management of the Sloboda club incorrect not only in relation to the FBU, but also to FIBA”says in letter Brodsky.