At least in terms of mystery and gloomy scenery. Directed by Baskerville: Mystery Sherlock Holmes Russian actor and director Alexander Minaev took over.

“Times are turbulent, but why not laugh,” says Minajev, who follows the previously successful rendition of Idiot and Panic in Zlín. Only six actors will perform in the new project. Why so little?

“Of the several buses with people going on tour, only one will remain in the end. And six crew members decide to perform at any cost, ”explains Minajev. Zdeněk Lambor will play the role of Sherlock Holmes, and Dr. Watson will play Rostislav Marek. He cast Maria Vojtěchová, Marta Bačíková, Pavel Vacek and Jan Leflík and Josef Koller in the alternation.

Film from the theatrical comedy Baskerville: The Mystery of Sherlock Holmes (May 2022)

For Minajev, who is better known to the Czech public as his film actor Painted birds, Jan Palach or as Hrihorij Lisečko from the series Ulice, directing comedy is a new experience. “I haven’t done any comedy in the theater yet, so I’m looking forward to what the new stage of life will bring me,” he says.

This work helps him forget about personal trauma. Minajev comes from Siberia, his family lives in Russia and his partner is from Ukraine.

“On February 24, when the war in Ukraine began, my inner world turned upside down. Since then, I have asked myself countless times how to live on, “says the artist, who lives alone in Zlín. “My life is currently a theater and the world is co-created by the actors I work with. “I hope that the audience will relax at Baskerville and rest,” he remarked.

Minayev has no idea if his temporary engagement will turn into permanent work. The Zlín scene is still waiting for the result of the bankruptcy of the new directorfor the position of the ending boss Petr Michálek According to information from MF DNES, four candidates are running.

The program of the new season is well known

The Zlín Municipal Theater has announced in advance the program of the new season, which will begin in September. It will present a total of three titles in the Czech premiere. “We will offer the audience an American playwright Tracy Letts called Mary Page Marlowe, a play by British author Mike Bartlett Albion, and in Studio Z we will present the comedy Extraburst, “said the theater’s artistic director Patrik Lančarič.

In addition to directors who return to Zlín regularly, the theater will also collaborate with new faces. Janusz Klimsza will perform for the first time, under whose direction Mary Page Marlowe’s production will be created. The musical Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown will be directed by Stano Slovák, and under the direction of Roman Groszmann, the comedy The Game That Was Wrong will be created.

Lančarič will direct Albion’s production of a woman who steps out of her way and returns from the city to the countryside to her childhood house, where she will begin to restore a derelict garden.

He will also direct the comedy The Man Under the Bed. The theater will also present the play Horses Are Shooting, in which they will present the entire ensemble. He will have the overhead Jakub Nvota.