The repair of the Barrandov Bridge is a necessity, because no one has seen it for thirty years. Virtually all politicians agree on that. Only a significant impact on traffic cracks requires thorough preparation. And according to the opposition, it certainly did not happen.

It is time for the Barrandov Bridge to be repaired. But it is not possible that such coordination with the entities involved is negligible, and they are both cities and state institutions, Deputy mayor and candidate for the mayor of Prague, Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS).

What do they think is the biggest problem? that the magistrate did not address you to the individual mayors of the towns that will be most affected by the Barrank repair.

The fact that the bridge will be reconstructed took place in three years, with the city councils being negotiated after their ascension and in the ordinary. For example, the mayor of Radotno was not asked to go at all. I’ve been mayor for 20 years, but I didn’t go this, mayor of Prague 13 and ODS transport expert David Vodrka.

This entails one major complication. Around the Barrandov Bridge, it is not currently ready for a ramp that will attempt to bypass it. On the contrary, many such cities are repair shops themselves.

I consider it the biggest mistake that they are restricted due to repairs even on smaller detours, or their passability is limited by the proper cycle lanes and tram islands. Beansk dol, Radotn, the passage in Velk Chuchle are dug up, the bridge is repaired in the epory, k Vodrka.

The ODS has so long called the zzen coordinator of constructions and closures, which the master rejects.

A big test in the form of repairs to the Barrandov Bridge.

However, Mayor Zdenk Hib is behind the fact that the repair of the Barrand Bridge had to be done immediately, because otherwise it would fall, and that would only be a problem for Prague.

We have directed the repairs primarily to the summer holiday months, when we know that there is less traffic in Prague. (…) We are working on preferred measures for public transport, Hib reported CNN Prima News recently in the morning.

Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr (Prague Reindeer) on the tour of the Barrandov Bridge

He thus overtook the past bursts of government, which, according to him, were unable to ensure political stability, which is a key aspect of the preparation of large projects. He went especially to Bohuslav Svoboda, whose coalition broke down twice.

I think that this is probably a record, that probably no one else has succeeded, and due to the fact that they stayed here more like the astronomical clock, it was not possible to prepare these large buildings, Hib let himself be heard.