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Barbie vs Oppenheimer Which movie is leading in Theaters?

On July 20, the cinematographic war that many lovers of this art were waiting for finally reached the big screens, and that is that Barbie and Oppenheimer premiered on the same day, attracting millions of people to all the movie theaters in the world.  world, achieving numbers that had not been seen in a long time.

Since the release of the respective trailers, there has been a war that has been unleashed on the internet, and it is to qualify which of the two films will lead or be established as the best film of the year 2023 according to the followers of director Christopher. Nolan chooses the story of the creator of the atomic bomb; however, many have recognized the good work that Greta Gerwig is doing with Barbie and are leaning a little more toward her.

According to the Sensacine website, both films had already been released in Spain, and the first results of what Barbieheimer generated could be obtained, placing the Mattel doll above Oppenheimer, since the film of the famous gender doll on its first day of release was around 1.8 million euros (2 million dollars).

It seems that Barbie has risen above several of the releases that have taken place this summer of 2023, generating much more money in its first film than some historical franchises such as Indiana Jones or Mission Impossible, which were also swept by the doll.

Although it’s many weeks away, Oppenheimer’s supporters say this is because the movie about the doll was shown in more theaters, which is why he was able to hit those numbers on his first day; however, they hope that the father of the atomic bomb will surpass him in time.

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