stray kids is a KPOP group from JYP Entertainment is made up of the Koreans Han, Seungmin, IN, Hyunjin, Changbin and Lee Know and the Australians Felix and Bang Chan, these 8 boys have managed to conquer the hearts of millions of people around the world with their incredible artistic talent.

This week during a heated debate on Quora, people argued very intensely about the great growth in the buttocks of bang Chan this year 2022, and it is that the leader of the group now has an impressive rear guard.

The fans on the forum first began to compare photos of the idol when he was in his debut days, and the change is really evident, and because of this, many assumed that the 25-year-old boy underwent cosmetic surgery to increase the size of his buttocks.

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In the meantime, STAY He completely denied these rumors and dismissed them as nonsense, since in reality the leader of Stray Kids is addicted to the gym and taking into account the results of his butt, it seems that he has focused on training his buttocks and legs to grow. healthy and natural.