You were born in the Chomutov maternity hospital, then you were home in nearby Droukovice. Is it true that your mother didn’t make it to the maternity ward?
It’s probably pehnan, but it’s just a bit dramatic for the furnace. Dad took his mother to the maternity hospital on a bicycle. But he made it and I was born and there. I then went to Droukovice until I was thirteen, when I went to Prague for a conservatory.

Did you want to be a dancer as a boy?
Not at all! I always wanted to play the violin, but my teacher was a songwriter, he didn’t understand at all that learning could take place in the form of a round is a game, and he fully opposed me to the violin. My mother saw that she was still singing and bouncing somewhere, and she signed me up for a rhythm to Chomutov. Then the teacher said to me that I would hear the music and have a good figure, so I should go to the conservatory. When I was assured that there would be no math, physics and chemistry, I agreed. That’s all I did for it. I never had the previous previous ballet training.

Of course, art and politics were connected with us, but ballet was never sweaty. I went where I was invited, I visited all over the world and I didn’t put politics into it.

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