Balenciaga’s towel-shaped skirt for 81 thousand rubles has become a meme on the Internet

French brand Balenciaga introduced a new towel-shaped skirt and was criticized online. The relevant material is published New York Post.

We are talking about a skirt that imitates a beige terry towel wrapped around the hips. The cost of this wardrobe item from the brand’s new collection is $925 (81 thousand rubles). It is noted that the item mentioned is presented in the fashion house’s assortment in one color and one size.

Netizens were amused by the ridiculous design of the skirt, which is why it quickly became a meme on TikTok. In particular, users began to take pictures with an ordinary towel on their hips, thus ridiculing the Balenciaga designers. “Just why, Balenciaga? #Idiot fashion,” wrote, for example, a blogger with the nickname willykayson. “Why spend that kind of money when you can just make a skirt like this out of a towel?” — agreed another influencer with the nickname ebbonni.

In March, Balenciaga also launched sell scarf in the form of a wire for tens of thousands of rubles. The product has a spiral shape and is available in two versions: neon pink and yellow.

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