Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny has given his honest opinion on whether he would do a collaboration with bts or not.

On many occasions fans have seen that “the bad rabbit” has had interactions with the members of btsand has even praised the music of Korean singers.

However, fans are hoping that there will be a collaboration between them soon as they claim that the duo of the two types of music would be a hit.

The singer has proven to be a army Furthermore, the followers have replicated several times a video where the Puerto Rican is listening “butter“, one of the most recognized songs of the band.

The singer finally responded and although it made his followers happy, on the other hand it left them unhappy. The fans expected a resounding “Yes” of Bad Bunnybut the singer warned that collaboration is not possible due to the skills that the members of btsand that he needs a lot to match them and provide a good collaboration.

the bad rabbit” He assured that he first needs to learn to dance in such a way as them, and improve his dance techniques if he wants to collaborate with them. Not neglecting to insist on how really good they are.