The “talented” Puerto Rican trapper and “singer” Bad Bunny He is in the eye of the hurricane after having attacked a fan, who wanted to take a picture with him and he threw her phone on the floor.

Bad Bunny starts the year with controversy, the pseudo singer threw a fan’s cell phone in Dominican Republic, who wanted to take a picture with the interpreter of ‘Titi asked me’.

However, and what the young fan did not think at any time, is that the ragpicker was not in a good mood, so he proceeded to throw the girl’s phone and walk away without any explanation.

After what happened, the Puerto Rican posted a small statement on his official Twitter account. Twitter where he asked that they “respect his space.”

However, and as can be seen in all the videos that have quickly leaked on social media, they weren’t ways to ask the girl to give him space.

Social networks have quickly viralized this embarrassing moment, which undoubtedly calls into question the supposed kindness that the “singer” says he has with his fans.

Despite this, his fans are determined to defend their idol, so they have turned to the networks to try to justify this embarrassing and unpleasant moment starring “The Bad Rabbit”, which now has shown that it is very bad.