The renowned singer Bad Bunny It has not stopped receiving negative reviews for a few days. Internet users are strongly attacking the artist and branding him as a person «Macho and unprofessional«.

The singer, who recently announced that he was retiring from music for a period of time, has not ceased to be news and a trend for the behavior he recently had with one of his fansafter this, there have been many celebrities and fans who criticized his behavior, and called him falling very low with those who make it possible for him to be famous.

Despite Bad Bunny He has had the support of a few who support his behavior, there are many more who point out that he is a bad person and does not measure himself in terms of his actions.

The controversy against him began when a few days ago a fan tried to take a picture with him, but he reacted violently and threw his cell phone into what would be a lake, leaving the cell phone completely useless.

Although the artist on his own social networks offered a statement about the event, pointing out that his actions were the result of the invasion of his personal space, the networks did not wait and he received numerous criticisms, as they affirm that he should not have acted in this way being a professional person, used to having his fans take photos of him.

On the other hand, some people point out that the young woman affected should also have respectfully asked permission to take a picture with him while they were walking, and they affirm that this way the story would not have the eye of the hurricane in the eye of the hurricane. Bad Bunny.

The fans are now against him, and it is stated that the artist could lose millions of fans due to this incident.