The renowned and popular Puerto Rican singer has started the year 2022 with a drastic decision, to abandon social networks.

The artist Bad bunny began 2022 with renewed energy and at least temporarily has decided to leave the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram, where he had more than 36 million followers

It is worth mentioning that the decision was made on December 31, when Bad Bunny withdrew all the photographs that he had uploaded to Instagram in recent years and a few days later he posted his first video on the short video social network.

Although the artist has not commented on the matter, his Instagram account has remained active but without images or posts. As to TikTok, With just a few days of landing on the platform, it has already managed to accumulate almost 8 million followers.

Bad Bunny is currently in his native Puerto Rico, it is expected that in the coming months he will offer more concerts around the world.