The “talented” Puerto Rican trapper and “singer” Bad Bunny has announced that he will retire from music and the stage throughout 2023. And although his fans regret the news, the public on social networks has shown the opposite, even celebrating the interpreter’s announcement and stating that “he is doing him a favor to the world.

Bad Bunny has revealed that he will be retiring from music for a while, and although if he has plans to return to the studios, it will be a process that will take him without pressure.

The interpreter of ‘Titi asked me’ announcement that he will take a break this 2023 to dedicate himself to his life, both physical, mental and even personal. During an exclusive interview with Billboard, The Puerto Rican ragpicker said that he hopes to take next year as a time to enjoy the success he has achieved during all this time.

In this year 2022, the “artist” was named artist of the year of Apple Music, was the first artist to have an album in Spanish nominated for grammy in the category Album of the year, and is the most listened to artist in sotify For the third consecutive year, something that has led him to make these decisions, he also said:

«At this point in my life and my career is where I feel most focused. I feel clearer about who I am, who I am in the music industry,” she added.

However, a large part of the public celebrates the interpreter’s decision, even assuring that “he is doing the world a favor”, and leaving a large number of comments where they affirm that Bad Bunny it is “an aberration and a cancer for music.”

These are just some of the tweets where they celebrate the ragpicker’s decision, making it clear that a large contribution from the public is happy with his decision and they have even recommended that he “retire 10 years or more.”

And you, are you happy with the decision you have made? Bad Bunny?