Puerto Rican ragpicker and pseudo singer Bad Bunny could not bear the ravages of the harsh critics that he has received these days because of the assault he committed against a young woman, whose phone was destroyed for wanting to take a picture with him. But now, the “artist” has revealed that he will retire from the entire entertainment scene, and stated that we will miss him (Who do you think?)

The untalented Bad Bunny has used his social media to confirm that he will disappear from music and the public eye for a long time, as a result of the great wave of criticism he has received for his disastrous behavior with a fan.

The interpreter of ‘Titi asked me’ posted on his official account Twitter that we will miss him, hinting that he’s finally going on a long break after all the music releases he’s put out over the last four years.

In addition, in his official account of Instagram, the trapper has made his account private, so now you will have to send him a request so that he accepts you and you can see everything he posts there.

The hate he received “The Bad Rabbit” During the last days it has been incessant, since millions of people, including famous stars and celebrities, have repudiated the behavior of a diva that the Puerto Rican had before the altercation that his fan lived through because of his unpleasant personality and above all, humility.

And you, do you expect Bad Bunny retire forever from music?