Bad Bunny and kendall jenner They were caught by several paparazzi kissing in public, and although they tried to hide it, several media outlets were able to find out.

The Puerto Rican, who has recently been in the midst of various controversies over the recent attacks on his fans, could be in a relationship with one of the members of the kardashiansthe renowned model Kendall Jenner.

The reggaetonero of 28 years and the model of 27 They were captured very loving in a famous club the Angelswhile several of the attendees were able to realize the complicity that would exist between the two.

The truth is that the two are single at the moment, a fact that would be favorable for potential boyfriends, since in the middle of last year the Kardashian sister ended her relationship with the basketball player Devin Bookerwhile Bad Bunny has not been associated with any celebrity lately.

Now when the news has gone viral and has been replicated by various media, the media assured that the couple arrived separately at the same place seeking to hide their relationship, but when they were inside the club, the loving behavior between the two was noticed.

Then at the end of her evening, the model tried to cover herself from the photographs by wearing a scarf that covered her face, and left Bad Bunny separately. While he came out later, managing to slip away from the public to avoid being caught.

The new possible relationship has caused joy among Internet users, because in the event of a love opportunity between them, the love affair could be on the right track due to the personalities of the two.