The daughter of ex-prime minister Vivien Babišová celebrated her twenty-second birthday with her family. Monika Babišová (48), who likes to share the harmonious relationship between mother and daughter, flooded social networks with joint pictures. The bond between them is intense and very close. Monika’s mother is the driving force behind her life, both women dress similarly, organize women’s drives and vacations together. One photo just follows another.

The daughter of the former prime minister and head of the ANO movement Andrej Babiš Vivien recently celebrated her twenty-second birthday. The beautiful blonde, who cannot deny the genetics she inherited from both parents, received a homemade cake and was treated to a simple but tasteful family celebration with pink decorations, during which several pictures with her parents were also taken.

Shared photos with mom Monika Babišová at the same time, Vivien fills Instagram regularly and as you can see, the Babiš girls have a relationship that any mother and daughter could envy. By all accounts, they are also the “best girls”, Babišová is a supporter of consistent education, which is, on the contrary, valued.

All the best, the ex-prime minister’s daughter wished.

However, her daughter Vivien definitely does not worry her, she is an excellent student. In addition, despite her potential, the ex-prime minister’s daughter does not come to the fore and appears rather inconspicuous in public.

You definitely won’t see her yelling on the networks, she also has private ones, instead she diligently studies French or prefers to devote herself to horses.

Vivien Babišová celebrated her 22nd birthday.

For her birthday two years ago, she received a pendant with a heart on which was written “Mom & Dad,” which only confirms her status as the girl’s mom and dad.

Monika Babišová herself also received the same pendant, but hers said “Vivi” on it.

The Babišov girls spend a lot of time together and like to take pictures together. After all, Vivien also inherited a lot of common interests from her mother, she likes to design interiors and has also found a taste in fashion.

They even go on vacation together and it’s no wonder they’re so close. The busy schedule of the father and husband directly encourages this.

Monika Babišová with her daughter Vivien and their female dog Gigi