“What solution? Well, offer to buy 100 percent of CEZ shares, as Elon Musk did with Twitter. And if you have 100 percent CEZ, then you can expand. You can increase ČEZ’s share in gas distribution, “said the former prime minister.

“Under our rule, where I sat, we never privatized anything. You have privatized everything, “Babiš said to the ODS address. Last week in the Chamber of Deputies also spoke about the fact that it was the ODS and the CSSD that almost everything substantially privatized was privatized, when YES tried in vain to hold an extraordinary meeting to address high energy prices.

“Are you accusing our government now that we should have done something? There was nothing that we could do about it. And that has damaged our economy, our country and our citizens permanently, “Babiš said.

“If the Czech Republic had secured its energy more in the past and the previous government paid more attention to energy security, we would be better off today,” Prime Minister Petr Fiala criticized the previous Babiš government a few days ago. The head of ANO replied on Monday that if his YES were in the government, it would try to buy out CEZ’s minority shareholders. “So that the Czech state has 100 percent so that we can cap energy prices for people,” Babiš said.

The head of ANO will start trips to voters in Moravia next week in a new motorhome

The chairman of the YES movement also announced that he would go to the voters in the motorhome he had bought for next week. “Next Monday, 16th, I’m coming to see you with a apartment. I will be in Moravia, “he said in his regular Chow, people.

When asked by iDNES.cz, whether he will go with his family or with other politicians, YES and whether he takes this as the beginning of the campaign before the autumn municipal and senate elections or before the presidential elections, in which he has not yet confirmed his participation, the former prime minister replied: I will do exactly what I did not have time for as prime minister at the time of that crazy pandemic. I am already in my deputy’s office in Roudnice nad Labem every week, I talk to the citizens there and my living quarters will actually be my mobile deputy’s office. “

He bought a luxury motorhome to meet voters last December. “I’ve always dreamed of riding in it and of course sleeping,” Babiš said at the time.