AvtoVAZ decided to simplify the new car model for taxis

“AvtoVAZ” decided to simplify the equipment of the new Lada Aura model. About this with reference to a representative of the plant reports Autonews.

A special version of the business class sedan will be created for use in taxis – the release of the brand’s new product is scheduled for September 2024.

“Of course, we are counting on the taxi market, where such a car is in demand. A special configuration of the car will be created, but it is too early to reveal the details,” explained a company representative.

Company presented Lada Aura car project June 8. The car features an increased interior space of 25 centimeters for rear seat passengers. The car is equipped with a 1.8 liter engine producing 122 horsepower and an automatic transmission. The interior of the new product will be trimmed in leather, and its price will significantly exceed two million rubles.

AvtoVAZ is positioning the extended modification of the Lada Vesta as a car for government employees. Production of a model that, according to the concern’s plans, is in demand in budgetary organizations and among regional officials, will begin in August-September 2024.

The Minister of Finance praised the new model Russia Anton Siluanov. He stated that he was ready to exchange a foreign car for a domestic car, and called all officials to drive Lada Aura. The minister noted the comfortable rear seats of the car and added that the new product can almost be classified as “business” class.

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