December 14, 2022, 22:17 – Public News Service – OSN

Major General of the Australian Armed Forces Mick Ryan said that the large consumption of ammunition was not only relevant in the past, but also represents an element of reality. The military leader stated this during a conversation with The Sydney Morning Herald, the translation of the article was posted by the InoSMI portal.

Ryan emphasized that despite the rather high production rates USA shells, spending exceeds the required supplies. And already next year APU may face a shortage of ammunition before they start fighting on any part of the line of contact.

Based on his statements, the Ukrainian troops allow for a rather uneconomical consumption of ammunition supplied by Western countries, which could turn into critical consequences in the near future.

As the Public News Service reported earlier, American military expert David Hambling noted that supplies USA anti-aircraft missile systems Patriot Ukraine will not help Kyiv resist Russian missiles.

He recalled that Patriot has not proven itself from the best side in Saudi Arabia.