The popular American singer and actor has revealed through his social networks that he will sell a video self-indulging and his fans believe that he is already exceeding the ridiculous.

What happened to the musical career of Austin Mahone? That is what many have wondered, since his sales and achievements in this area did not stand out, which has led him to venture into other business strategies to have success and popularity.

With the rise of Onlyfans, Austin Mahone did not hesitate to open an official account and use his physical attributes to attract thousands of fans willing to pay a monthly fee in order to access intimate photos of him (which have been leaked throughout the network). Starting with simple underwear photos to ending up selling self-indulgent videos and today, ejaculating videos.

What is the number you are asking for this video?

Nothing more and nothing less than $ 10,000 Austin Mahone asks for an ejaculating video that lasts less than a minute. Exaggerated or desperation?

And you, are you willing to pay the amount that Austin Mahone is asking for to see him ejaculate?