Attila Vgh will be one of the main stars of the Fight Night Challenge 2 galave in June. At the Bratislava tournament, the Slovak MMA will meet its fateful rival Emanuel Newton. With experienced American Attila saved twice in a cage. There was one loss and one loss. But the deal was very balanced duels. This time it is a match according to the rules of boxing.

It will be a challenge for me, but I do not take it as a rematch, Attila Vgh stared at the Express camera.

At the press conference of the Night Night Challenge, Attila opt met tv v tv with Carlos Vmola, who moderated the whole event. Vgh admitted that the century with the Czech Terminator has been agreed upon.

Karlto is not my rival, he is a friend and I am his biggest fan. We are 99 percent in agreement with Oktagon. Bad but when, that time. We will probably have the last one, I do not want to read that we have it confirmed, but we are close to it, said the bellows of Bellator, who was not in a cage other than the one with Vmola.

Attila did not reach the press, so at least he talked to his friend Carlos Vmola, who moderated the event.

I would go to Carlos’ wedding, but I don’t have an invitation

But what makes Attila a lot is to attend the Vmolov summer wedding. The problem, however, is that the Slovak rescuer did not receive an invitation from his friend.

We are not and such a brchov that we would go to the together, I probably won’t go to the wedding, I didn’t get an invitation, but if he invited me, I would go and buy him a microwave as a wedding drek (smch). Not for a long time, I’m kidding, but I’ll keep his fingers crossed that he’s still as he is. He party helped the MMA scene a lot, smirked at Vmola Attila.

Attila V

We immediately informed Vmol of Attila Vgha.

He has a clear place at the table. Attila will be there, responded to the time in the mood Termintor.

We asked Vgha how he saw the boxing match between rapper Marp and the first Vmola, which took place on May 21 in the crack of the O2 arena.

For me, it’s fifty-fifty. The one who enforces his style and who will be tactically prepared for the other will win. It won’t be an easy time for Carlos or Marpa. If I have to bet, I don’t know who, of Attila.