At the weekend in St. Petersburg it will stop snowing for a while, but next week there will be a lot of precipitation and blizzards are possible. About it told the chief forecaster of St. Petersburg Alexander Kolesov.

Now the weather in St. Petersburg is determined by cyclone Zora. A part with precipitation has approached the city and during Friday the snowfall will not stop, but will be interrupted at the weekend. It is expected that there will be no wind at the weekend – and perhaps the sun will come out.

The temperature on the night of December 9 rose to -0.4 degrees, which was the highest value since the beginning of the month. The temperature will no longer rise above and will gradually decrease, writes Kolesov. At the weekend, the temperature will be from -4 to -9 degrees, and in the Leningrad region it can drop to -15 degrees.

Kolesov calls good weather over the weekend β€œthe calm before the storm.” At the beginning of the week, the city will be covered with snow, the wind will increase and full-fledged blizzards are possible, the forecaster reports.

In the afternoon of December 12 over the Leningrad region and in St. Petersburg will begin to increase the wind speed gusts will reach 15-18 m/s, in coastal areas – 20-22 m/s. In the second half of Monday, heavy rainfall is expected, which will continue into the night. Pre-forecasters expect 10-15 cm of snow to fall. According to Kolesov, the forecasts will still be refined.

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