The Unian agency reported strong explosions with reference to witnesses. It is not yet clear what caused the explosions or whether there are victims in the cities. Anti-aircraft sulfur has spread throughout the country.

The Moscow offensive is now focusing mainly on the entrance and south of the country. On Saturday, the Odsa State sent six missiles, which, according to the Ukrainian army, launched Russia. three rockets landed on a factory for the production of furniture in a residential area and gave two to fly.

In Mykolaiv, shortly after the full time of the city, there was a green explosion followed by a shooting. According to posts on social networks, people recorded explosions around 2:00 local time (1:00 SEL), according to Unian. The series did not go to the incidents.

Anti-aircraft sirens were heard in the night in the 21 Ukrainian areas and the metropolis of Kyiv, wrote the letter Ukrainian Truth.

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According to the governor of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Hajdyda, at least two people died at the Russian steel wheels in the village of Bilohorivka, which served as a shelter for about 90 people. A bomb hit the town. Two people were found dead, and dozens were rescued. Seven of them were injured. edest people probably died under the rubble, according to Reuters, Hajdaj wrote on a telegram.

The series believes that there are slabs of the dead. As usual, he said in Mariupol that rogue soldiers were still trying to block the Ukrainian army in the Azovstal steelworks, which they were shelling with the help of tanks and artillery.

According to Saturday’s announcement in Kiev, all the elderly, women and children were evacuated from the metallurgical complex. The commander of the 36th Brigade Nmon Infantry, Serhiy Volyn, called on Facebook last night to call evacuation and Ukrainian soldiers from Azovstal. What do I hope for? Miraculously, Volyna wrote, according to which mariupolt armorers did to protect civilians in what they could.

To the northeast of Ukraine, the Russians are preparing for a continuing offensive in the direction of the village of Barvinkove and thus in the direction of the Slavyansk flank. According to the General of Ukraine, Moscow is moving troops from its country.