We are all complex in our own way. Some people are cunning and manipulative, using others to get what they want. Others are emotional and capricious, unable to control their thoughts and feelings. In addition, there are people who are often unable to confidently understand even their own emotions. Astrologers have named the six most difficult signs of the zodiac.

The six most difficult signs of the zodiac

a lion

Leos strive to portray confidence and strength, but do not have enough emotional strength to back it up.

“This fire sign loves to be the center of attention, is very dramatic and proud and always wants to run the show,” she says. astrologer Linda Berry. “Lions have a big ego, so they often don’t appreciate others.”

However, sometimes it is difficult for them to maintain this appearance. “In addition to these complex emotional traits, they can be immature and throw tantrums, even when aggressive,” Berry says.


Due to their zodiac duality, Gemini is inherently complex. They are distinguished by the main quality – indecision. They may make plans with you and then cancel them at the last minute.

“Gemini is adaptable and smart, so they can lie without even breaking a sweat,” Berry says. “They are the most superficial sign of the zodiac.

With a Gemini, you never really know what you’ll get in the end.


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is often in a hurry and always wants to be the leader.

“As a competitive fire sign, Aries has a lot of emotional aggression to succeed and win,” Berry says. “They rarely give up on everything they have in mind, especially when it comes to power.”


Pisces are the last on the zodiac circle, so their personalities include the traits of all other signs. “Their main feature is that they can easily put themselves in the place of other people and show that they understand the feelings and actions of a person,” says astrologer Alice Alta.

However, it is their overactive imagination that makes them truly difficult for outsiders.

“Representatives of this sign should think more soberly,” Alta advises. “They should understand that they can spend years in their fantasy world, which definitely makes their life brighter, but when it comes time to take serious action, it is much better to see things for what they are.” actually exist.”


Cancer’s feelings are sometimes compared to a deep well: “If something falls in there, it’s almost impossible to find it,” says Alta.

Cancers experience strong emotions, often conflicting.

“Because of this, absolutely absurd situations can happen,” Alta explains. “For example, everyone around can tell the Cancer man that he seems to be in love with some woman, but he can deny it with all his might, although deep down knows it’s true.”

Only years later, he admits to himself that he was in fact in love with this woman.

It is especially helpful for Cancers to open up and talk about their feelings to friends or family, this will help them cope with their emotions.


If you have a familiar Scorpio, then you are unlikely to argue with the fact that this is one of the most difficult signs of the zodiac.

“Known for their ‘scorpion sting’, they have the strength and tenacity to take on any challenge that comes their way, and on their way to achieving their goals, they love to keep secrets as well as spread gossip that will help their cause,” Berry says. “This trait, along with their secretive nature, makes them completely unpredictable.”

But Scorpios are often just as unpredictable for themselves. “They find it difficult to understand themselves because of the depth of their hidden emotions, which causes destructive tendencies in their own lives, as well as in the lives of those around them,” says Berry.

They can endure and inflict intense pain, making them an anomaly for the more straightforward signs. In other words, their complexity knows no bounds.

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