The accident occurred on the 22nd km of the Moscow Ring Road from the inside – this is in the Orekhovo-Borisovo South area between Kashirskoye and Besedinskoye highways.

Telegram channels publish footage of burning asphalt and thick black smoke. By information Baza, a fuel truck with two tons of fuel collided with a truck and then overturned. Fuel spilled on the ground and caught fire. In this case, the flame is approaching the car, writes Mash.

Several fire trucks and a helicopter were sent to put out the fire. According to the video, firefighters are already at the scene and are trying to extinguish everything. In emergency services, a fire is recorded on an area of ​​​​150 square meters. m, but there is a risk of fire spreading further.

Information about the victims varies: somewhere they write that one person was injured, according to other sources, three. The Ministry of Emergency Situations says that no information has been received.

The road was partially closed to traffic. “Deptrans. Operatively” writesthat two bands out of five are open. But Yandex.Maps shows that the traffic jam has stretched all the way to Kapotnya.