He has experienced rocket ups and downs, and his eventful life would be published in a book. As leader of two musical groups Girls Radana Labajov really experienced it in the late nineties.

After a long decline in popularity, the group managed to restart its career around 2010 thanks to personnel changes, renovation of the repertoire and interest in retro. And the band is very popular to this day, even in a modified line-up without Klra Kolomaznkov.

Radana Labajov from the group Holki started it on the decks of Prima slun.

Moreover, Labajov has not lost any of her temperament, which she demonstrated on the screens of Prima television at Hostivask lake, where she arrived with her friends. Vborn had fun and looked for competition in vain on the dance floor.

As much as there was going on in the band and on the concert stage, I was more satisfied with his personal life. Cancer suddenly claimed the lives of both mother and grandmother, so she underwent genetic testing on her own initiative. The doctors also announced that she is a carrier of the high-risk gene BRCA2, which is a threat to cancer.

The band Holki was formed in 1999 and was a phenomenon of its time.

For preventive reasons, she suddenly decided to have an adnexectomy.

My ovaries, fallopian tubes and breast tears have been removed, revealed the member of the group Holki, who underwent a mastectomy in a similar fashion, i.e. the surgical removal of both glands. Those doctors immediately reconstructed and applied breast implants during the two-hour operation.

To make matters worse, Labajov’s father died of cancer during his hospital stay after the first operation.

At the end of the year, Laka told me that my father had two months to live. I was very happy to see him in person in January. He looked flawless, he smiled. Although we have always known that it is very painful, she remembered in the 13th room of ESK television from zpvaka.

Elis Mraz and Jan Bendig ride the wave of retro. They invited girls to work together.

I underwent surgery in the burrow. Then I went home and nobody could call me. Bohuel earth. I couldn’t even go to his movement. I was just after kidney surgery and it was during covid-19, she described the painful moment from Zveka, who since then has been very involved in the areas of prevention and education.

After what she’s been through, she’s glad that she managed to become a mother to her son, Theodore, despite her health problems. He was, together with his life partner, the main motivation and driving force of the fight against the chronic illness and unsympathetic family dispositions.

It’s no wonder that you saw life in a completely different way…