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As expected, the new bike lane at Patriarchs turned into a parking lot for cars

When a bike lane appeared on the roadway at the Patriarchs this year, many were delighted: cyclists would not have to maneuver between pedestrians, and pedestrians would not be afraid of cyclists on the sidewalk. But it is almost impossible to ride on this bike lane, the Moskvich Mag correspondent was convinced.

You shouldn’t have expected anything else: with our parking culture, and even more so at the Patriarch’s, the bike lane is often full of cars. Drivers spit on all the rules and perceive an empty seat as a call to action: empty – park. For this, the driver is fined – it will, of course, be more expensive than paying for parking in a neighboring lane, but the place is much more convenient. From the car – immediately to the summer veranda.

“Parking on bike lanes is not allowed, it provokes accidents and can injure cyclists and pedestrians. We move such cars to special parking lots, ” writes deptrans, publishing a collection of photographs with cars parked on bike lanes (mainly at the Patriarchs). The most impudent drivers leave and park right on the sidewalk, where the bike path is.

And this year, more than 9 thousand cases of parking under prohibition signs, where there are bike paths, were revealed throughout Moscow.