At Wednesday’s premiere of the three-part miniseries Iveta at the Lucerna cinema in Prague Artur Staidl accompanied by bodyguards, the spectators immediately caught the attention.

“I have to say honestly, I’ve pushed out a lot of things since Mom died. It was a relatively difficult emotional experience, “confided his son Iveta Bartošová in an interview for Life in the Stars.

“I rather keep those simpler light good memories. When my mother and I spent time together, they went out with a dog and so on, ”admits Štaidl.

In the miniseries, Iveta allegedly almost surprised him and touched him Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý with his father Ladislav Štaidl. “I was surprised by my father’s portrayal and how similar Ondřej is to him. Amazing casting. Even how the make-up artist worked. It took my breath away when I first saw the serial dad. I remember my dad in a good way. Always only in a good way, “he says.

Iveta Bartošová and her son Artur Štaidl

Without Arthur’s consent, the Iveta miniseries would never have come into being. Despite many years of preparation, director Michal Samir was ready to end the project immediately if Štaidl did not like anything. “It simply came to our notice then. We met with my brother’s lawyer and discussed everything and finally agreed to set up cooperation, “recalls the singer’s son.

I’m used to people joining me, says Arthur Staidl

“When I read the lyrics, it was more emotionally difficult for me. But, of course, one has to gradually accept it all in oneself and finish it. You need to go put it. I really like the way of the concept. I knew what the miniseries would be about, and I looked at it more from the point of view of how it was filmed. I am very happy for the result. I think that the representation of the family is also very authentic, “says Artur Štaidl, who confided that he is single.

“I don’t have a girlfriend right now. I came to the Lantern premiere alone. What will be, it will be. I don’t think about it at all. I found out that Aunt Ivana, my mother’s sister, who lives in Switzerland, had arrived, so we sat down together, “he added.

Iveta’s three-part miniseries mapping the start of Iveta Bartošová’s career can be seen on Voyo from Friday. The plot follows the singer from her childhood, when she and her twin sister Ivana begin to attend the school choir, through successes at music competitions to leaving for Prague and the subsequent journey to fame, which she achieved mainly thanks to her collaboration with the singer. Petr Sepesim.

In addition to the exposed relationship with her singing colleague, the miniseries also focuses on Iveta Bartošová’s family life. Her parents are playing Alena Mihulová and Miroslav Hanus.