At the same time, in two rooms – the large concert and exhibition hall of the Chekhov Library (Petrovskaya St., 96) and the exhibition hall of the Taganrog branch of the Union of Artists of Russia – the “Spring Exhibition” is running.

This exhibition, like the “Autumn” exhibition, is traditional, but this time Taganrog artists, and especially female artists, took an active part in it. Judge for yourself: over a hundred works by 43 authors – of course, they would not fit in one room.

Spring is a special time, which includes both the revival of nature and two special holidays – Easter and Victory Day. All this is reflected in the presented works.

Surprising variety of genres, techniques and themes. For the first time, along with the fine arts, jewelry is presented – thanks to the jeweler Oleg Zavarin. The breakthrough of young people, which in some ways even surpasses the older generation, pleases. At the opening day in Chekhovka, a meeting of various arts took place – this is the indisputable merit of the hospitable hostess Oksana Serbina, the Fantasia vocal ensemble of the children’s music school. A.G. Abuzarov and several other young artists.

The exhibition will continue throughout May. And at the beginning of summer, our city will start celebrating the 350th anniversary of its founding father, Peter the Great…

Vladimir Prozorovsky, photo by the author.

Earlier we reported that in Taganrog exhibition of bench modeling.